Stream Control Transmission Protocol(SCTP)

SCTP is a TCP for datagrams with a flexible order-of-delivery and the support of multi-homed nodes realising enhanced TCP concepts including better protection against blind attacks.

SCTP is standardized in the IETF first in the Signalling Transport Work Group (SIGTRAN WG) and since 2001 it has found a new home in the transport Area Work Group (TSV WG):

The protocol itself is described in RFC2960. The SCTP checksum algorithm has been changed. A SCTP implementation guide with updates, error corrections and clarifications to the protocol is now nearing completion. A more in depth introduction to SCTP is given in the RFC3286: a Introduction to SCTP and in SCTP for beginners. The possible applicability of the protocol is described in the RFC 3257 SCTP applicability statement.. The original idea was to develop SCTP for the transport of signalling information (see Architectural Framework for Signaling Transport (RFC 2719) ), but then things got out of hand...

A standard compliant implementation(= a implementation that survives a SCTP interoperability test) must take into account the following Mandatory RFC's (or RFC's to be ):

Optional SCTP features can also be included in a implementation. A few optional SCTP features are in the works: A secure SCTP association can be obtained by using : The MIB of SCTP can be found in : Information concerning SCTP multihoming and NAT traversals can be found in :

Some drafts can be viewed while in construction(exciting, isn't it).

Applications using SCTP: And the security protocols to be used with the above protocols are described in :

All of the above are adaptation protocols  mostly based on protocols already existing in the Signalling System nr7 networks(and no, this has nothing to do with James Bond, 007). More detailed info about what SS7 is can be found on this website. Specific issues regarding SCTP for transporting signalling information can be found in the Telephony signalling applicability Statement.
Other signalling protocols (like SIP) might use SCTP in adition to TCP and UDP. See SIP WG.
The basic work on SCTP is done in the Transport Area(TSV)WG
The following additions/enchancements to SCTP are currently being considered::

SCTP has also other non-signalling applications such as:

Adittional SCTP development is in the wings concerning:

It is recommended to browse the IETF meeting proceedings of each of the WG's as they are sometimes more up to date than the WG charters pages.

The history of SCTP

SCTP all over the world:

SCTPlib implementation running on Microsoft Windows XP :SCTP Windows download page

What is going on in the SCTP world :SCTP research and simulation page

What software does utilise SCTP :SCTP Software page

How to write application software on top of SCTP :SCTP application Software production page

Books about SCTP:


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